Our Board – Charles D’Alberto

Charles D'Alberto

Charles D'Alberto

Charles D'Alberto , an experienced, highly respected figure within the burgeoning, fast-paced satellite telecommunications industry. In 2002, Charles D'Alberto employed his in-depth knowledge of satellite technology, weaved it into a workable business model and raised the capital for its implementation in the Middle East market. The enormous resultant success inevitably led to an increase in competition as people began to understand the current and future applications of satellite technology and its application in the marketplace.

Charles D'Alberto has continued to lead through a willingness to take calculated risks and his insatiable appetite for innovation. His passion and success particularly in 'start ups' have paved the way for Perla Group International. Perla Group's success is built on a combination of the trust, backing and support of top industry specialists and a talented team with an unwavering commitment to service excellence.

Charles has a long history is creating start ups and developing them into thriving companies with a view to list on the public equity markets. Having listed 5 companies publicly in Australia and the USA Capital markets.

Having delivered in excess of $150,000,000 USD in capital raising and deal writing over the past 25 years. These companies are primarily Technology focused but not limited to, and include Aviation, Telecoms, Security Solutions..

Charles has extensive government contracting experience having spent 10 years in the Middle East working with US Military, Law Enforcement and other government agencies.

Independent of his professional career, Charles enjoys flying helicopters and has great passion for flying and aviation in general.


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